Our Mission

S.H.E. TRUCKING™ mission is to empower women in trucking.


Who is S.H.E.?

S.H.E. TRUCKING™ is a diverse and global network for women in trucking. It is a 100% women-owned and driver-based organization that understands women’s issues and has its own line of women’s trucking apparel.

S.H.E. is the acronym for Sisterhood Helping Empowerment.


What does S.H.E. do?

S.H.E. TRUCKING™ gives guidance on how to get started in the transportation industry. S.H.E. provides a safe haven community through our network, helps increase representation of women in the industry, and also provides job placement opportunities by collaborating with strategic partnerships.


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Real Testimonial

S.H.E. Trucking is an organization that supports women that are at the beginning stage of getting their Commercial Drivers License, to women who have been driving for many years. It is a very diverse group of ladies all ages and ethnic backgrounds all over the world and very professional and also very supportive. I love the sisterhood and enjoy being part of the group!

SHE TRUCKING has helped me by creating a safe space for women to communicate needs and desires within the industry. It’s a great place for those interested in learning and for professionals to educate. It’s truly a community of like-minded individuals with one common goal: to empower women.

Very cool brand and purpose behind the brand!

I love this page, the support of all the ladies in this group is like no other. This page answers all the questions you might need in trucking, Empowering women to be there best. Thank You and keep up the good work.

I would definitely recommend She trucking. being in the industry and feeling alone sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. But She trucking is more than an a company. Its a sisterhood. She makes sure she serving the community right. They go out of their way to help women in trucking. with all sorts of resources! I’m happy to have found She Trucking!

I love SHE trucking a lot of women have helped me at times and I enjoy visiting with the girls in the group. I also ordered my tee shirts and they are beautiful and I got a bracelet and some decals awesome group keep up the great work.

Love the sisterhood of this group! Very inspiring and tons of info for women truckers. Highly recommend.

“Everything from the Mentoring program to the apparel.”

” I’ve know these gals a long time a we love there movement and clothing and everything and the movement is the best! Great people!”

I recommend the sisterhood to EVERY female driver I meet, there’s so much information in the posts and I have benefited from the knowledge of these women and the support that is given to one another can not be beat.

Exclusive Membership Benefits
Discover exclusive membership perks and gain access to thousands of resources.

Business Directory 

Access our exclusive business directory from our strategic partners.

Members Only Community

Access private members only communities. Build Profiles and network among members. 

Member Perks

Access to exclusive member discounts and group rates from our strategic partnerships and sponsors.

Job Board

Access to employment opportunities from our partners who are interested in employing women drivers.

Exclusive Members Merchandise

Access to exclusive member merchandise. 10% discount on S.H.E. TRUCKING APPAREL.

E-Learning-Coming Soon

Access to courses and certifications through our E-Learning programs. 

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